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Fort Bragg and Fayetteville Tour

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Tour Description:
In the Sandhills “backyard”, we’ll ride across some of the 200 sq. miles encompassing the home of the famed Delta Force and Airborne to meet our Military guide (if available). We may meet with the elite Golden Knights (the Airborne’s show parachutists), and may arrange for our guests to “jump” from a training tower, if group meets Golden Knights requirements and duty soldiers are available. We’ll also visit the 82nd Airborne Museum and the John F. Kennedy Special (covert) Warfare Museum.

The Airborne and Special Forces Museum with the Yarborough-Bank Vitascope Theater and the Vista-Dome Motion Simulator. With the help of a 30 by 40ft.screen, moviegoers are taken through a 20 min. "Larger than Life" experience of parachute jumps, Apache gun ship attacks, Special Forces infiltration operations and more. The 4min. simulator duplicates exactly the sensations troopers experience such as parachuting or flying at a tree top level over rough terrain.
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